Education Contacts:  Preston Collins ([email protected]) and Carol Pressman ([email protected])

  • Watch this site for future Zoom lessons.
  • Lessons will be geared toward Intermediate Plus players
  • For an archive of lesson videos and corresponding PDF files, click here
  • For more information or to enroll, click here
  • Doug Althouse (and others) will remain following Tuesday games to discuss the bridge hands
  • Doug Althouse (and others) will remain following Thursday games  to discuss the bridge hands
  • You must be fully vaccinated to participate
  • For more information, click here
  • Free online lessons to begin in Winter, 2023.

  • Lessons are geared toward novice plus players
  • For more information, [email protected]
  • Watch this site for further updates
  • Prior to regularly scheduled game(s) in Roanoke and Blacksburg, a mini-lesson, followed by playing illustrative hands, and an analysis of the hands is being planned
  • Watch this site for further update.


  • ACBLEF BridgeWhiz
  • 2100 young people enrolled in Year 1 of BridgeWhiz, 11% from District 6
  • Watch this space for additional learning opportunities for youth
  • Introduction to bridge, a new interactive online course.
  • Ten, 90-minute online classes.
  • For schedule of classes and to register click here


World Champion Bridge Player

Steve Robinson, World Champion Bridge Player, conducts free, weekly Over the Shoulder Learning bridge sessions open to all players.

  • Robinson deals random hands and discusses the bidding and play of each hand.
  • Tuesdays, 2:00 – 4:00 pm (EDT) on BBO (Bridge Base Online)
  • Interested players can participate via a conference call.

  • Sign in on Bridge Base Online (BBO) on Tuesday, 1:50 pm (EDT)
  • In the right margin, click on People
  • At bottom under Add a Friend, ADD robinswr
  • Right click on robinswr and hit Join My Table
  • You will be registered to participate in a conference call
  • Shortly before 2:00 pm (EDT), phone 605-472-5383.
  • When you are asked for a #:  Type in 437856
  • Please mute phone if not asking a question
  • You may unmute your phone to make a comment or ask a question