Unit Leadership

2023-2025 Board Members (pdf)

Douglas Althouse
Preston Collins, Jr.
Richard Huber
Irene Jacobs
John Markey
Carol Pressman
Carol Robey
Karen Shimchock
Carole Spencer

Preston Collins, President

Carol Pressman, Vice President

Carole Spencer, Secretary (Acting)

Irene Jacobs, Treasurer

Douglas Althouse, Tournament co-Chair

Preston Collins, Education co-Chair
Richard Huber, IN Coordinator, STaC Coordinator, Charity Chair
John Markey,  GNT Coordinator, NAP Coordinator, Electronic Contact
Carol Pressman, Education co-Chair

Carol Robey, Tournament co-Chair, Hospitality Chair, Publicity Chair
Karen Shimchock, Hospitality Committee


Unit Business

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Electronic Action by Unit 231 Board of Directors

On November 1, 2023, the Board of Directors of Unit 231 voted unanimously to nominate the following members to serve as Directors on the Board for 2024:

  • Douglas Althouse ——3 year term
  • Richard Huber ———3 year term
  • John Markey ———-3 year term
  • Preston Collins ——–2 year term
  • Carol Pressman ——–2 year term
  • Carole Spencer ——–2 year term
  • Irene Jacob ————1 year term
  • Karen Shimchock ——1 year term
  • Carol Robey ———–1 year term